Spa Features

Spa Features

Personalized Services and Rituals

The Latin phrase ‘Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus’ is cast in stone above the spa doorway. Translated to English, this means ‘Peace to those who enter, good health to those who depart.’ Vita Nova Spa has drawn inspiration from these words, driving our mission as a wellness spa. As you walk into Vita Nova, you should feel at peace. As you depart, you should feel centered and well. Vita Nova is also a Latin phrase which translates to ‘A New Life’. You will experience a sudden burst of life, energy, and vitality through your spa experience. You will bring a renewed sense of self home, and feel its lasting effects until we see you again.

Spa Features


We offer a spectacular range of massage therapies to promote fluid muscle movement, release stress, and resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Choose between therapeutic, deep-tissue, heated-stone, pregnancy, and selective specialty modalities, all administered with nourishing organic massage oils by Sacred Earth Botanicals.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments provide the spectacular feeling of natural rebirth, achieved through seasonal body wraps and herbal-infused sea-salt exfoliation. We use compounds made at our own blending bar and enhanced with natural ingredients from the area.


Allow nature’s touch to leave your face feeling fresh and radiant. We offer deep-cleansing, brightening, sensitive, and rejuvenating treatments, with naturopathic formulas and personalized recipes to suit any skin type.

Infrared Sauna

Experience new levels of rejuvenation with our infrared sauna. The facility assists the body’s natural renewal process of excreting toxins and absorbing nutrients, enhancing the effectiveness of any treatments you indulge in. Due to limited capacity, the infrared sauna will be available only to guests who have booked a spa treatment. 

Specialized Services

As one of the area’s premier wellness facilities, Vita Nova Spa is regularly honored by visiting practitioners that we invite from near and far. These renowned experts offer transformative healing modalities, herbal wisdom, and holistic wellness techniques not usually available at the property.