We all have places that matter to us

St. Edward State Park is certainly one of those places. It’s hard to imagine a more scenic setting or a more iconic landmark.  The seminary building and its strong sense of identity is a significant part of the landscape.

At Daniels Real Estate, we understand that historic preservation is about reflecting our past while inspiring our future. Our approach is thoughtful and unequaled in the Pacific Northwest. The Daniels team has won three National Preservation Awards, as well as many local and state awards for our work in historic preservation.

When completely restored, the seminary will be reopened as a lodge getaway. Visitors will discover a civic treasure maintaining its historic integrity, architecture, and ambiance while building new community connections.

The Romanesque Revival architecture and Art Deco interiors will be restored to federal standards for the public to enjoy for the first time in history.  As a seminary, the building was not open to the public and when purchased by the state in 1976, it was mostly shuttered for over 40-years.

The Lodge will be designed to provide a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience. It will offer an intimate and relaxed atmosphere with former dormitory rooms reconfigured into guest rooms with a décor that embraces the peaceful setting.

It will feature creative indoor venues for events and entertaining, flexible meeting and gathering spaces for groups and family reunions.

A wellness Spa located in a separate wing on the southside of the existing building will focus on natural healing therapeutic, relaxation and rejuvenation treatments to refresh your body and soul. Whether you’re visiting the Lodge for an hour at the end of a busy day or a relaxed weekend, the spa will be an atmosphere of inspiration and rest.

The Lodge will also feature a restaurant dedicated to locally sourced foods, with first-of-the season produce. We have proposed designing a garden south of the pool building with herbs and vegetables for the restaurant.  A more casual café will carry picnic lunches and snacks for those visitors on the move.

All of the Lodge amenities will be available for park visitors to enjoy as well as a community and environmental education space.


Fall/Winter 2017

Design Phase

The Design Phase will include a survey of the building to assess the deterioration of the building and plan for the necessary restoration work.  During this phase, we are assembling our design team while working with various agencies for approval of the preservation approach.
Winter 2018

Permit Phase

During the Permit Phase, we work with the City of Kenmore to obtain construction related permits.  Signage of all permits will be posted near the site so that park visitors are aware of the progress and activity.
Summer 2018

Construction Phase

The Construction Phase is the most active when we start renovations on the Lodge and improvements to the areas surrounding the lodge.
Fall 2019/2020

Grand Opening

Open the doors to the fully restored Lodge at St. Edward Park with a community celebration.